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Gnic Nam: aspiin and cain (ASP in and KA n) Band Nams: Alka-Sltz Moning li, Anacin, Bay Back & Body, BC Athitis, Cop, P-A-C Analgsic, Stanback.

Aspiin is known as a salicylat and a nonstoidal anti-inlammatoy dug (NSAID). It livs pain and dcass swlling. Cain may hlp incas th cts aspiin on pain.

Th judg’s dcision, which is tb viwd by th TC, is th ist om th cass bought mthan iv yas agby th commission in a boad attack on allgd als and dcptiv advtising claims by maks th lading nonpsciption painkill.

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one aspirin-based product, anacin, was invented by a wisconsin dentist in 1918.

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